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One on One Personal Yoga sessions

Provided for those who want to get deeper into their practice or refine their Asana practice.

Also provided for those who do not like going to Public yoga classes or classes held in Gyms and prefer a one on one approach. This service can also be provided in the safety of your own home - we can come to you. With smaller class numbers we correct and adjust to ensure you are getting the most out of your practice

Ask us about hourly rates and availability for this service

Group sessions

Get a group of friends together and we'll discount your rate - the more people the cheaper it gets.

I usually run smaller groups to ensure you are being looked after and moving into postures correctly and gaining maximum benefit from your practice

Personal Training

Phil is a Certified Gym Instructor (Cert 3) and Personal Trainer (Cert 4) - he has over 35 years experience pushing the Iron and pumping the weights but also encourages correct form. At age 50 he also won a 12 week Challenge and had photos and his story published in Mens Health magazine.

Ask us about your exercise needs. We can also design diet and weight loss programs on request. Ask us about our hourly rates and availability for this service